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On the Falsehoods of Geographical Knowledge

This author is a recipient

of the Sigma Tau Delta Award

Sigma Tau Delta Awarde

Philip Goldfarb Styrt

lives in Davenport, Iowa, USA with his wife, toddler, and toothless dog. His poetry focuses on traditional forms with modern flair and has been published in the Eastern Iowa Review, Coffee People Zine, and Quercus, among others. Styrt is a faculty member at St. Ambrose University.


The Midwest, someone told me once, is flat.

Chicago has to build a mound of trash

For kids to sled; the wide but lazy Platte

Meanders swampily, without a splash,

Across Nebraska’s clear, unbroken plain;

The sunset takes forever to expire

Above the monocultured waves of grain

Burnt orange by the reflection of its fire;

The only trees that violate the eye

Are carefully arranged to hedge the farms

And do not limit the eternal sky

But fringe it like a mantled coat of arms—

And I believed this general report

Until I moved to hilly Davenport.

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