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My painting process consists of a nearly unconscious flow of touch-oriented labor. It begins with a few simple choices but ends with difficult, strategically opaque decisions. I utilize geometry, repetition and color to weave and quilt paintings together. Once I've made a few basic choices concerning color palette and pattern, my process turns inward and I focus on the flow of thought and paint. Each painting takes on a life of its own. A mistake made is often the surprise I need to spur change and growth within the work. Eventually I look for resolution - What is the painting asking from me? Are my responses leading me closer to resolution? Have I done everything that I can or have I already done too much? Because of the intensity of lived experience required from this process, each painting becomes a signpost for a particular time and place within my memory.

Straight Up Thievery

Chris Reno

is an oil painter and printmaker from Galesburg, Illinois. He works as the Curator of the Catich and Morrissey Galleries at St Ambrose University.


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