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These digital collages represent the layered and multi-faceted experiences of my life as an intercultural/interracial adoptee and a single mother of two. I find myself falling into many roles and categories, yet unable to fit under a single one—perpetually displaced. Under a cloak of calm lies an identity conflict that relentlessly remains “other,” amorphous yet purposely transformative. In this body of work, imagery, space, and perspective become transient and elusive, much like the sense of self I struggle to solidify.

Digital Collages by Renee Meyer Ernst

Renee Meyer Ernst

was born in Busan, South Korea and adopted to the United States as an infant. Inspired by life as an adoptee, Renee’s personal work explores notions of forming and exploring identity within cross-cultural contexts. She is currently a professor at St. Ambrose University where she teaches all levels of graphic design.


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