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Developed in response to the pandemic, this three-part shadow puppet web series allowed theatre students, faculty, and staff the flexibility to mask and distance while working safely on a creative project during the height of COVID19. In this production, the character of Romeo is played as a young woman and her pronouns have been adjusted accordingly.  This changes the nature of the central relationship of the play, the dynamic of their secret marriage, and the weight of Lord Capulet's traditionalism.   This rendition of Romeo and Juliet includes original character designs by Joseph Lappie in the Art and Design Department and features the vocal talents of students, alumni, faculty, and staff from across the St. Ambrose University campus.  It truly was an interdisciplinary production, utilizing equipment and relationships in departments as varied as Engineering, Theology, Theatre, Music, Art and Design, and Kinesiology. Originally developed as a three part web series, this shadow puppet rendition of Romeo and Juliet is now available as a feature length presentation on Youtube.   Runtime 84 min. Presented by St. Ambrose University Theatre and Digital Film Director and Editor: Daniel Rairdin-Hale Original Music: Dillon Rairdin Character Designs: Joseph Lappie Assistant Character Design: Timeon Oyeyemi and Becky Meissen Puppet Design: Aaron Hook and Daniel Rairdin-Hale Scenery: Kris Eitrheim, Aaron Hook, and Daniel Rairdin-Hale Stage Manager: Luke Peterson Assistant Stage Manager: Hailey Allbaugh Verse Coach: Jeremy Mahr Sound Engineer: Aaron Randolph III Assistant Sound Engineer: Michael Campbell Additional Mixing: Dillon Rairdin Technical Director: Aaron Hook Technical Crew: Sam Lange, Michael Campbell and Courtney Cook

Cast ( in order of appearance ): Kyle DeFauw as Gregory Quinnie Rodman as Sampson Hailey Allbaugh as Abram Karina Marquez as Balthasar Joseph Lasher as Benvolio Luke Peterson as Tybalt Kris Eitrheim as Lord Capulet Corinne Johnson as Lady Capulet Daniel Rairdin-Hale as Lord Montague Elena Vallejo as Lady Montague Matthew Coomber as Prince Escalus Joseph Lappie as Servingman Becky Meissen as Romeo TJ Green as Paris Niki DeWitt as Juliet Amber Cook as Nurse Hailey Allbaugh as Second Servingman Tyler Hughes as Mercutio David Weaver as Friar Lawrence Aaron Hook as the Apothecary Jeremy Mahr as Friar John Courtney Cook as the Page Same Lange as First Watch Morgan Reilly as Second Watch K. Hampton as Third Watch   Production Photographer: Elena Vallejo Puppeteers: Cora Schultz, Niki Dewitt, Becky Meissen, Joseph Lasher, Elena Vallejo, Luke Peterson, K. Hampton, Courtney Cook, Warren Allen, Hailey Allbaugh, Sarah Smith, Tyler Hughes, Karina Marquez, Laura Rairdin-Hale, Sam Lange, Michael Campbell, Aaron Hook, Daniel Rairdin-Hale

R&J Queen Mab Scene
(Act 1, Scene 4)

Daniel Rairdin-Hale ('04)

is a professor, chair, and alum of the theatre department at St. Ambrose University. He received his MFA in Acting from The Theatre School at DePaul University in Chicago. He has additional movement and clown training from Dell’Arte International in California and enjoys mask-making and puppetry.


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