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Fail-Safe (n): a design feature causing a piece of machinery or other mechanism to revert to a safe condition… Fail-Safe Theatre (n, see also artistic experience, excitement, not-to-be-missed) The mission of Fail-Safe Theatre is to provide a fail-safe mechanism for the performing arts at St. Ambrose: a fun, safe, and creative outlet for students of any discipline to express themselves on stage.  Through regularly scheduled performance and design opportunities, Fail-Safe Theatre provides an energetic late-night cabaret environment for the poets, musicians, actors, filmmakers, singers, and performing artists of all kinds in the campus community.

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Daniel Rairdin-Hale ('04)

is a professor, chair, and alum of the theatre department at St. Ambrose University. He received his MFA in Acting from The Theatre School at DePaul University in Chicago. He has additional movement and clown training from Dell’Arte International in California and enjoys mask-making and puppetry.


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