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A Love Letter to Tlaltecuhtli

This author is a recipient

of the Sigma Tau Delta Award

Sigma Tau Delta Awarde

when it rains,

i sit in your lap

the clouds are too

far to hold,

but the grass tickles my thighs

my sweet tlaltecuhtli,

your space in my bed

is cold

oh, what i would give to

touch your skin 

once again 

when i play in the meadow,

do you feel me there?

are the trees your

arms, your bones, your


do you like my haircut?

my glasses?

do you remember what love feels like? 

i pray you do

they called you a beast,

forgot your name

the one who devours life

they said

full of eternal hunger

for deprivation

mislead by dysfunction


the serpents split you

in two

my love mutilated 

my love, mutilated

they left your skin in

a ditch,

the birds ate your eyes

i miss you

your soft lips of destruction

your touch

the gentle meeting of one’s 


no one else knows 

of the pink hue

around you

the bounce of thick

hair twisted within my

grasp under the anger of

summer skies

take me to mexico city between

your lips is my tomb

the creation of your body

incarnation of bodies

my land and sky

take the sun and hold

it at night, then

let it run in the morning

i desire each dop of 

your blood and you


my love

i will rewrite the story of your pain 

their cruel hands do not

deserve to embrace

your skin

they ripped you


i salvaged each bone

i shout to them

love her, now

that she’s gone

worship her, 

send her your

blood, blood

she will lick

but never love

she is the sky and the land

you no more

than lie between

our earth now grows from your body

the hills and the valleys match

the shape of your silhouette 

i can’t help but remember 

how you felt under me

i worship you

a deity made for me

only as i am laid

to rest 

into your soil

will we be together 



Elena Vallejo was born and raised in the Quad Cities and is studying Early Childhood Education, Theatre, and Writing at St. Ambrose University. Elena writes to bring to life the stories living inside her. In her free time, she likes reading everything, buying tote bags, and eating bagel sandwiches.


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