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Crop Circles


This is not evidence of UFOs, ancient spirits, or elaborate hoaxes, just my own quirky intrigue with the Crop Circle phenomenon. These colorful overlapping spheres are ENTIRELY log cabin blocks. I created a technique in which EACH log of the block is individually constructed to match my design, therefore each log may include multiple pieced sections. Complex blocks take up to 3 hours to complete. Matching up rows and columns is a meticulous process involving minor adjustments to match everything up as best as possible. Corn stalks were free motion stitched into the background.


Diane L. Murtha ('84) is an award-winning quilter, fiber artist, author, and international lecturer and instructor. Quilting for over 50 years, she gravitated to art quilts and discovered she loves challenges. Her quilts and articles are included in books, 30 + magazines, and multiple juried exhibits and international shows. Diane published her first book, Artful Insights in Fiber: Quilted Bits of Wit & Wisdom in March 2023. She currently resides in Iowa.

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