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How Lucky Am I

This author is a recipient

of the Sigma Tau Delta Award

Sigma Tau Delta Awarde

Bella Zopf ('23)

is traditionally a graphic designer who enjoys growing plants, reading her favorite novels, and making prints. Both art and writing have had a large impact on her life and serve as unique outlets for her creativity: art in a visual sense, and written work in an emotional sense. Zopf is currently studying at St. Ambrose University and planning to graduate in Spring 2023 with majors in Graphic Design and Book Arts.


You were a few minutes late, but

as soon as you sat down and

smiled, I forgot all my flaws.

Distracted, my gaze was drawn to your curved crimson lips as your apologies landed on my deaf ears.

A sparkling silver chain sat

snug against the base of your throat, a striking scar across your smooth neck.

Out of habit, you swirled your glass of water, the remaining ice tinkling like a shaken tin of tiny teeth.

With your head thrown back, your carefree laughter could be heard across the café, surrendering you to the attention of

curious strangers nearby.

Steam crept off the top of our high-piled dishes, curling and twisting towards the ceiling, reminiscent of a beacon of smoke used to find forgotten travelers.

The pleasure I received

from my meal could not compare to the way the sunlight caught in your honeycomb hair, igniting your eyes and glinting off the freshly polished silverware, sharp enough

to cut through bone.

Like clockwork, we finished our lunch at the same time, so I trailed after you, down the street, wishing your heart was a part of mine.

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