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This author is a recipient

of the Sigma Tau Delta Award

Sigma Tau Delta Awarde

Emily Kingery

is the author of Invasives (Finishing Line Press, 2023) and the recipient of several honors in poetry and prose. Her work appears widely in journals. She teaches English at St. Ambrose University and serves on the Board of Directors at the Midwest Writing Center, a non-profit supporting writers in the Quad Cities community ( Read more of her work at


I see a fallen sparrow, so

I search sparrow + omen but

return so many birds, most

named after men I do not

recognize, though maybe

they are still alive, maybe

close, and we could meet

for coffee, get to-go cups

and a Honey Bun to split,

my treat. It’s nice to think

of this, as if they might be

searching, too, these men

whose names I swipe at

gas stations, names like

names of Tinder men who

smoke the kind of cigarettes

that you once did. It’s nice

to think of this, of living

in a fated world in spite

of whatever it means.

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